February 25, 2016

The Parable Of The Unfaithful Tenant

By Deolu Akinyemi Emeka just got a Job in an oil company and was desperately in need of a house at a comfortable distance from where his office is located. After a lot of search, Emeka gets a good 3 bedroom apartment in a high brow area in Gbagada, Lagos. His Landlord is an elderly Yoruba man – Mr. Fashola. […]
February 24, 2016

Beware Of What You Got Away With

By Deolu Akinyemi There are many things we seem to get away with, in fact, while doing them, it’s like God is blessing us. The people are in awe of us, we think, we must be doing right, God must be smiling at us. The world sees the sign, and they think, this must be God’s anointed. You bear all […]
February 23, 2016

My Eyes Are Laced With Tears

By Deolu Akinyemi This is not going to be long post, I just wanted to capture the reflections in my heart as I watched a great one this afternoon. The feelings are mixed, hence why I tears laced my eyes. I watched Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper Life get on stage to let people know that many of the doctrines he […]
February 22, 2016

Pastor Man Versus Man, The Pastor

By Adétóyè Òrémósù   Position Pastor Man has a title Man, the pastor, has a job description Pastor Man has a title that precedes his name Man, the pastor, has a role that surpasses his vanity Pastor Man embodies the name; Pastor Man, the pastor, is just a man   Passion Pastor Man lives for the honor of the office Man, […]