July 2, 2014

What is my life purpose!

    There are so many books out there on finding purpose. It’s one of the greatest needs of humanity, to identity who we are, and what we are here for. While growing up, I read all I could lay my hands on in the quest to find out what I was living for. A lot of books gave guidance, […]
July 1, 2014

It’s all Lip service about Heaven

Ask the average person and he or she tells you that heaven is a great place, and that they’ll love to be there. They speak about heaven in glowing terms, and believe it’s a place of rejoicing, singing, praising and being in God’s presence. If you look deeply you see a very interesting disconnect. The things they say would take […]
April 8, 2014
gods in the Church

gods in the church (2)

2. Religious Professionals – aka my Pastor! Yes, I’m a Pastor too, officially accepted responsibility January 1, this year, but I have been one for the past 20yrs, at least I been called one and performed the role for some. There is nothing more dangerous to the body of Christ that it’s pastors! Some carry God’s anointing, while some have […]
April 6, 2014
gods in the Church

gods in the church (1)

An Idol worshiper turns over to God, and the first clear act of repentance you see is the burning of all his worship symbols and literature. The old way is gone, and he/she embraces the one true God. God cannot be sought by half measures, once someone realizes the authenticity of the message of Christ, they turn around. For there […]
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