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December 22, 2017
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The Truth About Grace

Key Scriptures: Ephesians 2:8-10, Romans 5, Titus 2:11 – 14, 1 Peter 4:10


Kunle got home to see that his daughter had broken the TV. Ire is 5 years old. While she was playing around, she saw a toy she loves on TV. She ran towards the TV and started hitting it with everything she could find. She wanted the toy and was ready to do all it takes to get it.

Kunle was furious and even though he felt like beating her, a punishment she deserves, Kunle didn’t. The next day, Kunle bought her daughter a mini laptop that shows all sorts of cartoons. Ire wasn’t expecting anything from her dad as she was in the wrong, but she found grace – a blessing she didn’t deserve.

Paradigm Shift

Like Ire, instead of death, we were given life. Instead of slavery, we were offered son-ship.  All the work of grace, the work of Christ. Grace is God’s remarkable compassion and favor with one end in mind – to draw us to Christ and bring us into maturity in Him.

Grace is not what we get to do what we want; it is what we are shown to do what He wants. Grace is not revealed to continue in sin, it is revealed for us to live the free live we have received in Christ. Grace is not a tool to please self, it is an endowment to please God. This Grace was revealed in Christ to save us and bring us into a living relationship with God.

What makes ‘grace’ grace is that it is a gift and totally undeserving and unmerited. You don’t merit grace; it is simply shown to you. Under the law, sin was our master, under grace Jesus becomes our Lord and King.

Today, we have been given a stewardship of that same grace. The grace we have received calls us into a responsibility to reveal the same grace to others. The stewardship of grace is a call to serve one another, to love one another and to bring everyone into the light and embrace of the Father. His Grace is sufficient for us to do His bidding and fulfill His will on the earth.


The grace of God has appeared unto all men but not all men has received it by Faith. Herein lies the core of our calling. Grace calls us to a free life and gives us a responsibility. A life that is fruitful in character and disciples. Titus says Grace has called us to live righteously and godly in this world, in addition Grace has called us to “speak, exhort and rebuke all with authority” as we bring them into the same experience that Christ has shown us.

What Would Jesus Do

Jesus understanding that God’s grace is available to all will leave no stone unturned in the bid to bring all into this knowledge. He will go as far as dying that all men may get access to this grace. What am I doing that men may access this grace available in Christ?


Lord, thank you for revealing your grace to me. Thank you because even though I was deserving of judgment, you granted me a blessing of life via your son. I receive the same grace to be an effective light of your glory, revealing your grace to others via loving you and loving them. I pray that as I do your work, your grace will remain sufficient for me. Amen.

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