Our God given role is to build global leaders. This requires converting everyday people with regular challenges into leaders who save the world by leading others to Christ.

Beware of Self-Confident Deception

Key Passage: Matthew 7

Paradigm Shift

In Verse 21 to 24, Jesus describes a scenario at Judgement that must never the portion of anyone in this school in Jesus name. Deception is dangerous, because those who are deceived are confident in their ignorance. The biggest deception is to feel at peace with God, and discover only at the end that He doesn’t know you.

How can Jesus boldly deny those who recognize him as Lord? There are many who confess Jesus as Lord, but he is not their Lord! The Picture of the Judgement that Jesus paints here is very serious. Because you confessed him as Lord, does not mean that he is your Lord. Knowing he is Lord, can lead you to think you are cool with Jesus. Jesus however shows that there is something more important than our confessions. It’s deep, and worthy of reflection, and re-examination.

Should you be concerned? Are there tell tale signs that can make one certain that they are on the Lord’s team. Does prophesying in God’s name count? Sure to prophecy one must be in a relationship with God. It counts right? No! Does casting out demons count? No! What of working wonders in God’s name and even building magnificent talk of the town edifices in God’s name? No! Nothing that man celebrates count. Only one thing counts – Obedience in doing God’s will. Do you know God’s will? Are you doing it?

Let’s say that Jesus’ last commandment and mission – The Great Commission is important, and let’s say that for him to rise from the dead, and declare the handover of all power to him means anything. Let’s say that his task to us to disciple nations is God’s will. Are you doing it? How many disciples have you made? How many people are you discipling? No matter what you are doing, no matter how applauded, not matter how grand, if you are not doing the Will of the Father, Jesus will likely deny you. I never knew you is harsh, but what it really means is what it meant when Abraham knew Sarah and gave back to Isaac. It means – The union of me and you, did not produce any disciples. It’s time to make amends, it’s not too late!



  1. Take inventory of your Christian journey, evaluate where you are today and make a commitment to begin to first be a disciple, get a teacher, and gradually graduate into teaching others.
  2. Am I bearing fruit? Is my Character evidently changing, am I deliberately praying for others so I can birth them in Christ and train them in his way of life. I need to start taking action.
  3. It’s easy to read and be convicted. I choose to write a commitment down, and something I will do today. I am not blessed in hearing, I am blessed in doing.


What will Jesus Do?

Jesus will internalize the things he learnt, and then teach others. Will you do the same today?


Commitments and Prayers

Dear God, I don’t want to be so confident of the exploits I am doing in your name, that I miss what is most important to you. I don’t want to call you LORD, LORD, I want to call you my LORD, and be intimate with you. I want to abide in the vine, and bear fruit. The fruit of disciples and the fruit of Christ Character. I receive grace to live as Christ lived. Let me live not to glorify you lord Jesus, and not use your name to make mine great. In Jesus name!


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