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February 7, 2014
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February 11, 2014
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engageI was praying a few weeks ago, and the word ENGAGE started ringing in my spirit. It was clear that there was an action God wanted me and the people he has appointed me to lead to take, and that word captures it. I sought His face to gain clarity about what he wanted to us to do, and that was the birth of a message you need to listen to. Let me try to capture a bit of it in this piece.

The context of this word engage is to occupy or attract someone’s interest or to participate or be involved in something. As followers of Christ we were not saved and then taken away from the earth because God intends for us to engage and be involved in our environment.

God placed man in charge of the earth and delegated responsibilities to him. God will not in his love for man come down regularly to witness to lost souls, neither will he rain down money from the skies in response to mans need. In His sovereignty He can interrupt the normal order of things to get His WILL done, like rain food from heaven to satisfy his people in the desert, but He always needs a man who will be His connecting point to express His will on earth. As disciples of Jesus Christ we must learn to ENGAGE!

There are 4 clear directions for our engagement. Each of them have a direct effect on how we live in this world. If we call them rules of engagement, there will be 4 key engagements.

1. How do we relate with and engage God.
2. How do we relate with and engage His Church
3. How do we relate with and engage the World’s System
4. How do we relate with and engage the devil.

To be Continued…

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