Financial Health Checkup

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March 5, 2014
March 16, 2014
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Financial Health Checkup

Financial Health Checkup

At the rate at which you are going, using what you have as savings and real assets as a basis, in how many years would you be able to raise 600m
1. 0-5yrs 2. 20yrs 3. Over 30yrs  4. None of these represents my answer.

How many Streams of income do you earn?
1. Over 5 Streams 2. Two  Streams 3. One Stream. 4. No Income Stream.

Which of these resources do you leverage to make more money
1. People force of over 500. 2. Over $300,000 in investments 3. I exchange my time for money. 4. None of the above.

Which of these terms describe best how you earn income
1.Passive Income, no activity. 2. Mostly Active Income, but some passive income from rentals, shares, businesses etc. (Don’t count if less than $200 a month). 3. Active income  4. I’m dependent on someone else

How old are you?
1. 20-30 2. 30-40, 3. 40-50, 4. 50-70

Add A, B, C, D and E together to get your scores.
Result Analysis

Scores less than 6 – This means you are doing well and need minimal help, at this stage, you should collaborate with us in helping others.
Scores between 7-9– This means you need a coach fast, you have potentials of making it. Before you choose a coach, ensure they model your future in more than one way. Ensure their finances and one or two areas of their lives align with your future. There is no point getting help for cancer only to end up getting AIDS.

Scores from 10 and above? This signals DANGER! You need urgent attention and must be willing to listen to instructions and take action. Don’t go to your mentor with terms and conditions, whatever you are asked to do, so far it’s ethical and legitimate, do it. Learn for follow a system.

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