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Life is a Game

hccc life is a game

Games are so exciting. Computer games are even more exciting. We are plugged into a virtual reality, where we get points, extra lives and so many exciting bonuses. Sometimes we grow bigger, sometimes we get so powered up (anointed), we are visibly untouchable. Young people can spend so much time enjoying games and being wrapped up in it.

These games no matter how rewarding and how exciting however don’t give you any points you can use to augment your grades in reality. They offer you no cash rewards to buy groceries in real life. If you win a car in the game, it’s just for the game. After the game is over, you face real life.

Such is life! This life is all just a small game in the scope of eternity. The real world and real reality is shaped by God’s perspectives. We have however spent so much time in the game that our quests have been altered for what the game can offer, which means nothing in the real world.

If we assume that God is real, and assume that Jesus was not a comedian, but that all words he shared were real, and give us the first glimpse into what God’s agenda is, and what eternal life is really about. If we take these realities as worthy ambitions to base life on, then we realize what seems missing in the lives of many who ought to live these as their realities and not just mere assumptions.

Nothing in this life can satisfy! Nothing! The bread of life is Christ, the living waters is Christ. True lasting treasure is found in Christ. Success is Christ, Eternal Life is in Christ. This does not rhyme with what is required in this life! But this life is really a game, the frame of reference of scriptures is however eternal.
Don’t be lost in the game, that you spend your life pursuing things! Pursue eternal life. Follow Jesus Christ, be found in him. Cos when this game is over, nothing in this game will matter. Nothing!


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