Market Women Initiative


The Market Women Initiative is a project born out of a desire to disciple nations. We watched the way Jesus did it, and we are replicating it. We saw that Jesus showed us 3 patterns, Help, Teach and Disciple.

The Market Women Initiative is a project that gives out zero interest loans to market women, teaches them the basics they need to succeed as entrepreneurs, helps them with other pressing business or family issues while making friends with them and ultimately sharing the gospel with them.

The market women initiative started with 10 women and has gradually grown to 100 women in two locations. We are able to scale supporting 40 women with N1,000,000 only.

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Market Women Initiative

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Donation Total: ₦8,000.00

So far it’s been so good. We have had a few hitches here and there, but no cases of default.
The teaching and help have been well appreciated, and we have held a few events specifically to share the gospel with the women in a happy environment, and our desires of reaching them with the message are happening.

The beauty of this project is that the funds you give, have a lifetime that is longer than the need of one person.
We continue to grow and help more people on and on, for as long as the people don’t default. This is surely a way of creating sustainable value and impact.