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My Eyes Are Laced With Tears

By Deolu Akinyemi

This is not going to be long post, I just wanted to capture the reflections in my heart as I watched a great one this afternoon. The feelings are mixed, hence why I tears laced my eyes.

I watched Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper Life get on stage to let people know that many of the doctrines he has preached, many of the ministries and committees he has set up are his own creations, not the word of God. Marriage committee, women’s ministry and all other good things he thought would help Deeper life, he is insisting he will do his best to remove before he dies.

I watched the congregation response. People who have been held in bondage for years by the word of man, rather than the word of God, and had become accustomed to those burdens are near tears, but not sure they fully realize the impact of these words. Like elephants chained for 20 years suddenly released from their chains, I expect many will not even understand what this freedom means. They are likely to keep up with the same things, or even rebel if they see their old orders are being changed. Change is difficult, it’s why Abraham never built a house but lived in tents. May we never settle down with what we did in the past, that we can’t respond to the dictates of an eternal God.

I salute Pastor Kumuyi for the courage. I think about my own life and pray that all I know and preach be reduced to only what the word of God says. May I have no doctrine outside the pure words of Jesus. May I not create anything to administrate what he didn’t command. May I never put structures in place, or systems in place, that will make the people I pastor grow beyond my true heavenly capacities. My master had 120 after his resurrection, may His life in me, do as He does. May we as a body do greater works in the works that matter.

Hear my cry oh Lord, may Christ alone be all for me. May the desire for the things that make ministry look good to be far from me. May I live like Jesus, go to the cross like Jesus, rise from the dead with him and forever be where he is. Amen.


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