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who we are

Hello Dear One,

You are welcome to Heaven’s Citizens Christian Centre. We are excited to be part of God’s project in the earth. The project of building global leaders who are being trained to lead others into God’s plans for the earth.

What God is doing is Christ - He’s putting together a body of believers shaped and formed after the pattern of His son, coming to the fullness of the stature of His son, and taking on the same mission with the Son.

Once again, thanks for coming, you are welcome.


You will get notifications and reminders of our live stream services and online activities.

What to Expect
This site has a key assignment - to build global leaders by relating God’s plan to all who come into contact with it. Here you’ll find messages - audio, video and articles that are meant to help to equip and build you for the work of serving others and ministering to them. We are building a community of believers, offline and online who are committed to God’s plan, and are willing to be volunteers in the day of His power.
Should I be baptized?
Only if you would love the opportunity to publicly be associated with Jesus. (Note: Those who are ashamed of Him, he would be ashamed of, before His father and holy angels.
How do i get there
Check the map on the right
What should i wear
Our church has a “come as you are” atmosphere. You will see some dressed up; some dressed casual. We have no expectations for attire.
Where do i park
We have ample space for you to park at the premises. Your cars will be safe as well.
What about my children
We have an amazing team of teachers who will ensure your children have a great time, while you worship.
How can I join to serve?
It’s easy, first you need to pass through our Heaven’s Citizens Leadership Academy, then join our bible study community on whatsapp and offline. Then you can also choose a service community.

Service Times


9AM - 10AM : Bible Study

10AM - 12 NOON : Worship Service


Join a small unit where we have the opportunity to fellowship, be discipled, worship, reach out to others and minister to each other’s needs.