Please only give to God what you have purposed in your heart to give

Partner by Giving

Partnership and Giving Opportunities

Media Mountain Partners

These are people who join forces with us to take the message to our communities and to the ends of the earth.

Under Media mountain, we have Social Media, Print Media (Bulletins), Radio, Television. This covers the costs of everything from equipment to air time on each of the media.

The Budget for these is as the Lord Provides.

Make Donation

Service Partners

Everyday and Everywhere Jesus went, he was doing good. He commanded us to follow in his steps and to do things in his name. Every meeting opportunity we have would be to serve our brothers and sisters and gradually invite them to leave the crowd and join the disciples.

Doing this requires a meeting place with the right ambience and all that is required to serve God by serving His people.

The Budget for these is as the Lord Provides.

Outreach Partners

Sometimes we organize special outreaches to reach out to others outside the faith. Sometimes we partner with organizations who have a track record of specialized outreach to specific people.

Doing this requires projects involving publicity, events management, people management or outright events sponsorship.

The Budget for these is as the Lord Provides.

Free Will Offering

At HCCC we don’t believe that God compels us to give to Him by law.

Rather He expects us to build a relationship with him in humility where He leads us to offer what He has given us the stewardship of, into the various channels He wants as He wills.

Please do not feel compelled to give, only give as God instructs as all we need is strictly what His hand provides.