Our God given role is to build global leaders. This requires converting everyday people with regular challenges into leaders who save the world by leading others to Christ.


By Deolu Akinyemi

You hear God say this to you, what do you do? The last time, you heard God say to someone put your house in order, it was followed by another remark – for you will surely die, you will not recover. This was said to Hezekiah, God simply meant, organize your family, do your will, put things the way you will when you know you are not going to be there any more. This sounds different though, it sounds like God is coming for inspection, and He’s asking you to put your house in order, to really go over everything again and ensure that everything is as it should be. The amazing thing about this inspection, is that God doesn’t need to inspect you before He knows your state, He knows all things, and doesn’t need to wait for them to happen. The person who benefits from this examination is you. As you try to go over the key elements of your life over which Jesus is Lord, you have to address and fix what is lose:


  1. Am I crucified with Christ and is this world crucified to me? Am I dead to the world? Can I live for Him?
  2. Is Christ my life? Do I have an urgency to share him with others? Am I a platform for His expression?
  3. Do I live by my own faith or the faith of my Lord who gave himself for me? Is my will to do His will?
  4. Is my heart panting after God? Am I a man after God’s heart? Am I completely and committed and in love with God?
  5. Are my words and actions in alignment? Am I bearing the fruit of the spirit and consequently bearing the fruit of disciples?
  6. Do I have any feast for God to eat? Am I welling over with praise and thanksgiving to God? Is my life’s expression a sweet smelling savor to God? Is my life committed in worship? Am I a living offering?
  7. Is my attention caught by Jesus Christ? Do I seat at His feat and learn of Him? Have I chosen the most important thing that will not be taken from me? Or am I busy running around to provide him with service rather than to seat and learn at His feet.
  8. Am I deferring all decision making to God and His holy Word? Am I living in obedience? Am I following His way, will and word?

Ask yourself, is everything as it should be? What aspects of your life do you think God really cares about and would inspect? What are the dimensions of a human life? Look inward, and begin to organize.


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