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Success, Wealth, Prosperity and The Gospel of Christ


What Did You Hear in Church on Sunday?

Did you learn about how to succeed? How to prosper? How to be in favor? Did you get blessings to exceed your peers? To triumph at work and to have a glowing and glorious week? Or did you hear about Jesus, His Cross and His resurrection?

It may all sound like the same to you, it’s not the same! Success, Wealth, Prosperity, Triumph are all good things, but they are not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If the words we hear, truly determines the outcome of our lives, then we must heed the admonition of Mark – to take heed what we hear!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ produces replicas of Jesus, the bible calls them wheat and says they are Sons of the Kingdom. The Gospel of wealth and success produces an army of church attenders who seek God for their own ends, the bible calls them tares and says they are sons of the evil one. What you hear determines your end! What did you hear on Sunday?

Paul declared if anyone preaches any other Gospel outside the Gospel of Christ, let him be accursed! The day has come to place a curse on them in reality! Paul the apostle and bond servant of Christ was so focused that he declared that when he came to preach, he cared for nothing outside Jesus and him crucified. His message to the churches were Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!


The world lost Jesus in the dark ages, instead of Jesus and the Cross, the church had Pope. Instead of Jesus and the Cross, the Congregation replaced him with Cardinals and Bishops, even in the advancement of time, we have further replaced Jesus with materialism! Since we cannot worship money directly, or pay obeisance to wealth and success, we have found GOs and Bishops and Arch Bishops to front for them.


The Antichrists, false prophets and false teachers as defined by scriptures have one thing in common – They speak from the pulpit. The church has become so high on devotionals, we rarely, if ever study God’s word. The word of God is incorruptible seed, it produces incorruptible seed. The mixture of objectives terminating in blessings that are not eternal, leading to the best life on earth that makes no sense in eternity is not God’s word. It’s not the Gospel of Christ. Something crucial happened on the Cross, it was the birthing place of the people that make Jesus bear his name everlasting father (Is 9:6). Jesus came not merely to live and to die, but to live in the earth a seed that is exactly like him, and capable of greater works. Heaven’s agenda is on pause until the last enemy is subdued underneath His feet.


In a dream, the lord took me in the spirit to the office of one of the most respected church leaders of our time, to listen to the inner conversations of his heart and the words he speaks to those near him. The picture that flashes in my spirit as a consequence of the sights that I saw is found in Revelations 13:11 – Two horns like a lamb, but spoke like a dragon.


For those who have hears to hear, I declare Repent! For the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand! By the Spirit of God and in alignment with God’s word, I declare every preacher of influence who preaches another Gospel outside the Gospel of Christ accursed. The axe is now at the root of every tree, and anyone who does not produce will be cut off!


The church has refused to come to sonship because the called out ones are being helped to set their eyes on earthly things. The Son of Man sowed his seeds, but while men slept in the dark ages, the enemy has been sowing and nurturing tares. Separate yourself from them, your son ship of Christ is a function of your spiritual diet. The enmity between the Seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent is on. They are currently all called Christians.



Adeolu Akinyemi, GR


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