The Truth About Salvation ( Part 2)
December 8, 2017
December 11, 2017
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key Scriptures: Colossians 1 & 3


“Christ is NOT my priority!”

Hmm. Give it a deep thought!

If Christ is my priority,  then He is No1  in my life ….. then it means that i can have No2; No3 and my many others desires!

No!  Christ is BEYOND Priority! He is the CENTRE of the Circle of life and the universe that define their radius and circumference.

Christ is the Alpha and Omega, yet our faulty mindset limit Him to the Beginning and the End only ….. and we fill the gap in between with self!

The centrality of Christ is not a controversy.

Paradigm shift

Christ is the language of God….. His spoken Word, God’s still small voice in the Old Testament.. He is the Thunder of God’s Love and the echo of Him rang unabated through the annals of the Old Testament….Listen you can still hear the rumble ……

He was the lamb slain before the foundation of the earth was laid; the spoken Light, The Tree of life; The Sabbath Rest; The Lord God of creation; The Seed of the woman and the Seed of Abraham yet typified by Issac, Jacob’s ladder, Joseph and Moses. Christ was the Manna and the water giving Rock in the wilderness yet typified by the lifted brazen serpent. He was captain of the Israel army and also their rejected king.

…..Yes Christ was the centre of life in the New Testament. At His command, captives were set free, released from sin’s dominion and consequences. The dead heard Him and they live as He is the Resurrection and the life; Redeemer and Saviour of the whole world, the soon coming king and Judge.

Today in this dispensation of the Holy Spirit, Christ remains the  language of the Holy Spirit, Who does not speak of His own, but always take from Him and gives to all ….. Audit every “thus says the Spirit” it must begin and end in Christ


Christ is the Centre of life and Living!  In summary , the whole of life is all about the message of Christ and the activities of our lives around it. It’s not about us, it’s about Him. Around Christ is where the action is, not Aso Rock, Buckingham palace or the White House. True living is In Christ ALONE ! Not Christ+X.

Who is the foundation of your life?

There is an urgent need for a spiritual check up of our foundation. There is a deadly plague afflicting the Church today and we cannot divorce our lives from it. Dealing with the symptoms will never bring a lasting solution we must get to the ROOT of it all. Things fall apart the centre can’t hold again…. SELF has taken the CENTRE, and this is a LIE, the foundation is faulty…..

Until Truth becomes the centre the plague remains.

We have in the last 17 days examined the TRUTH about various foundational issues. Knowing The truth is a person- Christ, its logical to declare that The CENTRALITY OF CHRIST IS THE TRUE BEDROCK OF OUR FOUNDATION…..

….There is no other foundation that can be laid except that which is laid—Christ. He is beyond the foundation He also is the very ground  on which the foundation is laid. Build your house on Christ the solid Rock…. all other ground is sinking sand !

Commitment and Prayer

Food for Thought

If Christ pursues my calling? What would He do in my shoes? What type of Pastor, Lawyer, Doctor, Business man, Student, Employee, Mother, Father would He be?

The great work of this Bedrock overhaul is not an option for me. I submit to its rebuilding by the Holy Spirit. Have your way o Lord.

Come and take your place in your Church oh Lord. Amen


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