Our God given role is to build global leaders. This requires converting everyday people with regular challenges into leaders who save the world by leading others to Christ.


Key Passage; Deut 13, Jer 23, 1 Cor 10, 1 John 2:15-17, Phil 3:19, Eph 5:5


God made man to have fellowship with Him, but Adam the first man fell and was dead in sin, and all of mankind inherited death in him. God paid the price for the redemption of man in Christ and brings us into a place of relationship with Himself where we become His and live for Him.

The central core of Idolatry is SELF. This god of self manifests in 3 unique ways – Personal and Human Agenda, Materialism and Ambition.

Paradigm Shift

Alistair Begg said “Idolatry consists, not only in the worship of false gods, but also in the worship of the true God in false ways.”

Truth is you may be an idolater and not know you are practicing same. Idolatry manifests as leveraging God for material things or other needs. The idea is the reverence and honor that belongs to God is reposed in something or someone else. Idols are not only the 3rd party elements that men worship outside God, but the very act of reducing God into something we can use to reach our own end is Idolatry.

Anytime our worship of God is because of what we want to get from Him, it’s an idolatry alert. What we have as our end that is not God is an idol. When we are not excited about carrying Christ cross and suffering with him, but choose to enjoy the easy life, that’s an idol alert.

The Word of God has a clear position on this subject for every personality (We call many of them men of God) who bring a message to us that contradicts what God has said, such a person should be put to death. Yes! that much is required. Putting to death means separating ourselves completely from any such personality even if it were our pastor or prophet.

God seeks true worshipers who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. If you find out you are an idolater, there is hope. Just repent, retrace your steps and plunge in for a relationship.


We all must come to the place of understanding that God has reconciled us to himself through Jesus our high priest and desires an unabridged relationship with his people. No middle men, No Idols.

When we find people who have the capacity to lead us into a type of worship that does not originate from and end in God, we have only one responsibility and it’s to RUN. Don’t think you can attempt to change them, RUN.

What will Jesus Do?

Jesus maintained a relationship with God that shows us that he was connected to God at all times. He did only what was instructed by God. When Jesus was tempted with gods of the kingdoms of this world in Matthew 4:1-11, His response clearly shows His understanding of worship – “Worship the Lord your God, and only him. Serve him with absolute single-heartedness.”

Commitments and Prayers

I commit to build a relationship directly with God my father and worship Him the way He wants to be worshiped. I commit to purge my heart and let go of every desire that leads me to turn God into a means to an end. I choose to make Him my all.

We share our comments in this format by 9pm.
1. I read… this is what particularly hit me.
2. Commitment: I made a commitment to change… xyz
3. Action: This is what I did based on what I learnt.
4. Other Lessons: These are other things that stood out for me.


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