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The Truth about the Truth

Key Passage: John 14

Paradigm Shift

Have you heard these types of statements recently?

“This is it from my point of view”, “This is my perspective about God’s word”, “Well, that one is your own, we may not always agree about the truth”.

Well let’s shift the paradigm! Truth is not relative! Truth cannot be different for you and different for me. This is because truth is not a point of view, truth is a person – Jesus! The implication of this reality is that everything passes through the filter of alignment with him before taking definition.

In a bid to be liberal and accept everyone, many believers have come to embrace different levels of truth – blatant lies all of them. In John 14, Jesus made some an statement in introducing himself; “I am THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life”. No human being in his right senses has ever introduced himself as the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE. Every other religion points at the way, everyone talks about the truth, and some describe the life. Jesus is either LORD or outrightly out of his mind. Being in School tonight shows which one you believe. These are no mere words, Jesus is the way and the life, tonight let’s look at the TRUTH!

Every perspective peddled by man, no matter how factual, no matter how well researched is a lie, if it’s not aligned with Christ. He is called light, because there is no enLIGHTenment without him. History is His Story, He is the WORD of God incarnate, He is one whose expressions brought creation to be, without him was nothing made that was made. Everything was made by him, for him and finds it’s purpose in Him. Jesus is the TRUTH!

To the Law and to the testimony, if they be not according to this word, there is no light in them. Is 8:20. Jesus is the lens through which every perspective gets grounded in truth.


Lie: Things are Tough, the Economy is Hard, People are suffering. Truth: What is Jesus’ view? People are scattered, confused and without guidance, the people are harvest for God’s kingdom. Pray for Harvest Hands.

Lie: Buhari is an Islamist, He’s promoting an Islamic Agenda, and Christianity would soon be outlawed in Nigeria

Truth: Jesus runs the world and galaxies. He is the head, and has a body in the midst of the earth through which he runs the worlds. This body is called the Church. The church is not peripheral to the world, the world is peripheral to the Church. Christ’s agenda over the nations will come to pass, His body only needs to grow and be totally yielded to the head.


What Will Jesus Do?

Jesus will not subject issues to emotions or what feels right, God’s perspective is the standard with which he will view things. Jesus will not do anything except what He sees the Father do!



I commit to love God by the way I share my life in Christ with, and show Jesus with people that come my way.

I commit to see challenges and problems the way Christ sees them, and not fret or worry.

I commit to ask the holy spirit for clarity on what Christ’s perspective is (TRUTH), whenever I study God’s word or when I find myself in a confusing or difficult situation.

I commit to seeing myself correctly in Christ, by believing what God’s word says concerning me.



Lord, let my heart be at peace, help me be attentive daily & enjoy sweet fellowship with the Holy Spirit so that Christ will be revealed and expressed to and through me daily.

Lord, help me believe, and keep my eyes ONLY on Jesus, and help me never to pass by the opportunities to help people see and keep their eyes on Jesus.

May the devil never find anything in me because I am totally sold to God’s will in Jesus Name

May my testimony be that everyone who experiences me has experienced Christ in Jesus Name


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