Who are you?

The Truth about the Holy Spirit (Part 2)
January 8, 2018
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Who are you?

Today’s Tonic!

You are my son, I have begotten you!

Many times you go into your day forgetting who you are, don’t forget!
Who you are is altered, totally altered from your very core.

Who you are cannot condemn people, remember, you died for them.
Or were you not crucified with Christ?

Who you are must see people in their share heartless and wicked states
And still realize they are not unqualified for your mercies.

Who you are dies for the ungodly, shows up for the sick
Who you are is God (If too big for you – Christ) in your neighborhood

You are a Son of God! You represent God’s interest in your locality
It is your responsibility to be as Christ to the world around you
It is your responsibility to inform God about the cases you cannot solve
Whatever you ask in line with what Christ does is granted!

Our being Sons is not only for SWAG
Our being Sons gives us responsibility for SERVICE

Our Destination is as He is!

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