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Beware Of What You Got Away With

By Deolu Akinyemi

apple-91137_1920There are many things we seem to get away with, in fact, while doing them, it’s like God is blessing us. The people are in awe of us, we think, we must be doing right, God must be smiling at us. The world sees the sign, and they think, this must be God’s anointed. You bear all the signs of the Son of David.


This was King Solomon’s reality. Solomon connects with Jesus on too many levels. He’s the son of David, like Jesus was called the son of David. He would build a type of God’s house, very much like Jesus is building. He’s the portrait of the anointed that ultimately went bad, and there is too much we can learn from Him. From Solomon, reading requires deep discernment, what to emulate and what to refrain from emulating. Solomon provides us with essentially the danger alerts of what our lives cannot afford to grow in our seasons of obscurity, let alone mature with us.

The Book of 1 Kings 3 offers in one chapter the amazing highs and the amazing lows in the life of Solomon. Let me list them out for easy recognition. You may want to read the chapter. The highlight of the chapter is that Solomon asked for wisdom and got more, but let’s back track a bit.

1. Solomon marries for alliances: I always thought that was strategic growing up. Looking closely at God’s word, I realize it was the beginning of His end. Be extremely careful what you call strategic or the alliances that you make. They may look harmless, you may get away with it, but it will ultimately wreck your faith. Let me give you a few examples of powerful deceptive alliances:

Following a particular pastor: I think there are Churches whose impending shipwreck is who their pastors have chosen to follow. They call him spiritual father, and they are cut off from the everlasting father. Church alliances are very crucial for growth. Growth usually means more people more offerings. These church alliances have made a shipwreck of many’s faith. Even though they are still looking as good as Solomon, God had since left the building.

Attending a particular Church and submitting to a “Man of God”: Don’t rationalize the message, this is the most important activity for a human being – guarding their hearts. The bible commands that we must RUN from the presence of anyone who reduces God into an item of use. No true child of God can remain in some worship houses, except of course they are like Jonathan – those who see the future, understand the error of their positions but don’t know they will die with Saul.

Strategic Alliances: Friendship with the world is enmity with God. Who are the people in the company you keep? What do they want? Do they want the same thing you want? Are there eyes squarely on Christ like yours is? Or do they want to be famous? Rich? Successful? If you have driven friends, who seem to share the same values on the surface, say the same things with you in public, but by discernment have foundational passions for which they are willing to make a little compromise, beware! They will ultimately derail you.

Strategies: There are many good ideas that are not God ideas. They seem subtle, sometimes totally harmless, but if you look deeply you’ll realize they are extra Biblical concepts. The definition of wisdom for example in the dictionary, is different from the definition in the Bible. Leadership is defined differently as well – while the worlds logo is a head table, Christ’s logo is a towel and a basin. The worldview is totally contrary to Jesus view. Once you do a good idea to drive God’s work, you’ll be burnt ultimately.

Let’s look at a few good strategies l have practiced before that are totally extra Biblical:

“Let’s unite to do bigger things”

“Let’s do massive publicity for a Jesus Event”

“Let’s invite a totally disconnected but Crowd pulling man of God for an event”

“Let’s segment the people into their sexes so we can meet their needs directly”

“Let’s build a Church brand”.

The list of Ishmael birthing ideas are beyond belief.

Wants and Desires: Sometimes we just love to indulge ourselves, I mean what’s wrong with a good life? What’s wrong with having aspirations that once you become “Big” you will live big? These are harmless thoughts right? After all you have worked really hard, and God is the one that caused these things to follow you. Well, those self indulging ideas are creating alliances for your soul’s satisfaction. They will look harmless today, but ultimately they will be the reason why you erred.

2. Solomon Loved God and walked in the ways of his father David, except he sacrificed on the high places. These are 2 solid and worrying positions. Solomon Loved God. May the same be said of me and you. Solomon walked in the ways of His father, may we follow those who discipled us after Christ. Except? May there be no exceptions in our lives of love for God and followership of Jesus. The high places are special sites used by other nations to worship idols. They were elevated spaces on the terrains, call it hills or mountains closer to the heavens, where pagans do ministry. These high places would finally connect with his wives and ruin King Solomon. The allegories today would be the use of secular wisdom to worship God.

What are the types of High places we can find around us today?

  • Parties and concerts to attract youth.
  • Creating a marketing event out of worship – invite celebrities and comedians and print fliers. Contrast this with Jesus who needed no invite, who even silenced marketers, contrast this with John the Baptist who stayed away in remote locations. We have mastered the world’s ways.
  • Anywhere that has a heightened sense of “God is here”, beyond the one you have in your room. Examples are Worship Centers, Camp Grounds, Prayer Cities etc.
  • All those prayer mountains are high places, literally.

3. Solomon sacrificed 1,000 Bulls in the most prestigious local shrine. Interestingly, he didn’t give to God to get, he simply worshipped in the wrong place, but God takes notice of his worship. Can you observe that after Solomon’s dream encounter with God, Solomon went back and did the worship and sacrifice before the Ark of Covenant in Jerusalem? Something is wrong with the high places, and even though it looks like God is giving you revelations and giving you wisdom, it’s ultimately going to wreck you.

4. Solomon’s first manifestation of wisdom made the people fear him and be in awe of him. May the Gifts of God in my life make God glorified, not me. God please help me so what you have given me is used to glorify you, not me.


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