Our God given role is to build global leaders. This requires converting everyday people with regular challenges into leaders who save the world by leading others to Christ.

Cost of Discipleship

Key Passage: Luke 14

Paradigm shift

Salvation is FREE!

Very True! Free for us …

BUT it costs GOD His SON…..Jesus PAID IT ALL!

He paid with His life!

Salvation is the Door to Discipleship and Until we see the cost of salvation we will never appreciate the cost of Discipleship. Discipleship is COSTLY!

By nature man never values or appreciates whatever costs him nothing. Our AWOOF mentality must be dismantled in relations to  Disciples.  If grace is released to us we will gain understanding and see Discipleship correctly as the only authentic Business ( Do Business till I come)

And the metrics of any business is basic….

The cost of Discipleship is REAL….in involves relinquishing Your self ! Your relationships! Your personal agenda! Your desires and your ambitions! It will cost Time; energy; attention; perseverance; persecution; interruptions;  trespassing; sharing space/privacy; material; emotional and financial Givings.



Jesus was clear about His agenda even from age 12! “Don’t you know I must be about my Fathers business !”  Every Christian is an employee in this Business!  Salvation is our appointment offer and Discipleship commences the day we resume for work and It is a life time employment. NO retirement on this side of eternity, Yet immortal pension scheme and eternal Dividends.

Discipleship is INTENTIONAL and The COST is so enormous that you cannot be OBLIVIOUS of it. When you ask a Christian how many people he has discipled and he is vague about it, you can be sure he is not an employee in the Father’s Business. The cost of Discipleship is 2 fold. Cost of Becoming a Disciple and cost of Making a Disciple. And both must be figured out. The woman who carried a pregnancy for 9 months and went through the rigors of labour is not vague about it at all.

Paul described his disciple as “my child in whom I travailed in labour Until Christ be formed in you”

-Are you ready to labour?

-Are you prepared for the Birth pang pains?

-Are you ready to submit to the tutelage of a Discipler?

-Are you willing to leave your boats, your nets , your father and eventually leave ALL to be His disciple?


Simply put, if you’re not willing to take what is DEAREST to you, whether plans or people, and kiss it good-bye, you can’t be my disciple Lk14:33

It’s a huge cost !


What will Jesus do?

Jesus in Luke 14 :26-33 admonished us to count the cost! ..He was crystal clear about the Fathers Business of Building a Tower (I will build my Church) and the Great warfare that it will entail( The Gates of Hell will not prevail against it). He counted the cost and took the plunge. Brethren Discipleship is Not chewing gum business. It’s worth throwing your life into. Follow the Master.


Commitments and Prayer

I must begin to see this Discipleship life with the same lens that I see my career / profession or “secular jobs”. There is no secular business anywhere. All are potential kingdom Business.

Counting the cost is not an option. Investing my all in it is the way to go.

Lord Discipleship is a foundational issue. Thank you for your search light on the Bedrock of what I have believed and run with all these years. Open my eyes to see that all that is needed is already available.  Open my eyes to see BEYOND the cost and glimpse the eternal dividends accurately and trust you enough to invest my all in it, the same way I would do in any profitable venture.



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