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Do You Own God’s Word?

By Deolu Akinyemi

book-857377_1920Those who don’t own God’s word fall the Satan’s antics. Are you grounded in scriptures?

There are two temptations that had the capacity to alter the history and future of humanity. The first one was with Eve who finally got through to Adam, and the second was the last Adam, Jesus Christ.

In these two temptations, we find the Devil looking for the exact same things:

  1. Is this person grounded in God’s word?
  2. What does this person want?

God’s Word

Satan challenges our authority on God’s word. Knowing God’s word however is not knowing how to quote scriptures from here and there. Knowing God’s word is understanding God’s perspective and viewing scriptures not from our view but from God’s point of view. What did God want to achieve, what is His will, what was His agenda, and what is His purpose.

The Bible can be read right, or can be a tool for the achievement of personal agenda. The use of the Bible as a book of principles to find where the Big stones of life are and to maneuver ourselves is erroneous. God’s word is timeless, and is personified in the person of Jesus Christ who is described as the Word.

Do you know the Word? Have you seen the Word from reading the Word? Has the Word become flesh and does He dwell on your inside? If the one who overcame does not overcome through you, you will be overcome.

Has God said? Are you quoting Him correctly? Do you know the context of that scripture you have been using? Do you know that the scripture “write down the vision and make it plain” is in the middle of a curse?

What do you want? Our wants are our greatest undoing! The things we crave for, lust after, need, and hold highly are the keys to manipulating us. The devil has not changed its tactics. He guns for 3 key areas of wants:

  1. Wanting our own way
  2. Wanting to everything for ourselves
  3. Wanting to appear important

All these wants are not of God’s, the bible says they choke the love for God! (1 John 2:15-17) Eve fell for them all, but Jesus stood from them all. The temptations that Jesus faced are the things people encounter today, fall for and share testimony publicly about! Can you just imagine that? They turn living stones into bread, feed on other humans and call it offering, first fruit and tithe. They do miracles that God has not authorized, operating in lawlessness and giving access to lying spirits. They bow down to the gods of prosperity on the altars of compromise and testify that things are looking good and even church is growing. What we want, is our undoing.

Friends, let’s be grounded in God’s word, let’s cease from our wants.

God is raising a generation of people whose love for Jesus totally eclipses their hearts and leave room for nothing. Jesus is going to be exalted in our days, and He will draw all men to himself.


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