Our God given role is to build global leaders. This requires converting everyday people with regular challenges into leaders who save the world by leading others to Christ.

gods in the church (2)

gods in the Church2. Religious Professionals – aka my Pastor!

Yes, I’m a Pastor too, officially accepted responsibility January 1, this year, but I have been one for the past 20yrs, at least I been called one and performed the role for some. There is nothing more dangerous to the body of Christ that it’s pastors!

Some carry God’s anointing, while some have found other sources for making the rod turn into a snake. Some preach for the belly God, while some declare the counsel of the true God! The body of Christ was marred before his crucifixion and is marred beyond recognition today, mostly by the force of it’s Pastors!

A Pastor becomes an idol, once He/She either begins to be a channel for you to get to God, or their words become more important to you than your bible! The amazing truth is, if your pastor has become an idol to you, you are most likely not going to know. Once this write-up annoys you, that’s it!

Pastor Pray for me, Pastor lay your hands on me, Pastor here is my prophetic offering, Pastor remember me in your prayers, Thus says my pastor, my pastor – beware of my pastor!

God hates idolatry! With a PASSION! That’s why the FIRST and most important commandment is LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and strength. If you read Deut 13, or read Exodus 32, the following will become clear!

It says if your Pastor works miracles and does wonders, an ever leads you in a way that’s idolatrous, you must kill that Pastor! Yes, back then, death was the only way. Today you are okay to kill them in your life by running far away!!! If your Pastor is working miracles and beginning to take a central stage like He is Pastor ChrisT, RUN! You have no BABA, your BABA is God – Read Matthew 23! God is testing you to see if you can run! Read Deut 13. The If your brother, sister or wife, lures you in the worship of god the belly or god the pastor, you must pelt them with stones. The Bible says that you must be the first person to start beating and stoning them before others come!

If you read Exodus 32. It is going to be quite clear to you how dangerous Pastors are and how wicked the congregation can be. The Man Moses delayed in coming! The word of God was a bit scarce, and men became impatience and sought to end the silence. Men demanded for an idol to lead them. Many Pastors in a bid to keep their congregation, have decided to become –West African Idols, performing all sorts of rituals and wonders in the name of God, getting them addicted to a form of worship because God’s pure hard hitting word is not fast enough for them! The people charged Aaron, and without thinking about it Aaron the Priesthood began to organize the gold, silver and bronze that God gave for his tabernacle into what would keep the people together and focused! Aaron led Israel astray, and kindled God’s wrath. It may however surprise you that while God wasted many of the people in the Wilderness, the Pastor got away with it for a long while! Don’t kill yourself, get hooked up on God’s word and stop this madness called idolatry. Or did your pastor tell you that the Old testament is old syllabus? It is finished then!

SERVE God! Not your Pastor, Not your Stomach. To be Continued. If this annoys you, you know the problem.



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