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How To Give.

By Deolu Akinyemi

gift-1196292_1920The deeper questions in the heart of many as a result of the piece I wrote about giving is, if I’m not giving to get, how then do I give? What does God expect from me? How do I give? Those that don’t understand it think I am talking about not giving in church or not giving to causes.

Let me make it abundantly clear.

1. God wants you to surrender your life to Him, like he surrendered the life of his son for you. He doesn’t want 10%, he wants 100%. When He owns you fully, your relationship with Him will not be giving but obeying.

2. Give to church impacting projects or outreach projects, what God instructs you to give, without expecting anything in return. You have only done what you were instructed to do.

3. Give to people as God instructs. He owns the money, so take his permission before spending what is his. Learn to keep a God pocket.

In Summary, learn to be a steward of God’s resources. He owns all, and if he needed anything, he really doesn’t need to tell you. To participate in what he’s doing is a privilege. Don’t reduce God into a means to an end. He’s almighty. When he finds you faithful with little, he’ll make you manager of more. None of these should make your head swell, it’s still not your money. If you give a man N10million to manage for you, and you see him sharing testimony that he just got some money, and he’s grateful to God for the N10m. I believe you’ll quickly request to have your money back. God’s provisions are like that, they are his, always his. We are stewards. We give and share only in obedience. We will stand before God, one by one, to defend what we did with the truth we heard, and what we did with the ignorance we permitted.


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