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The Truth about Eternity

Scriptures: John 3:36, John 5:24, John 11:25, John 14:9, John 17:3-6, 1 John 5:11-12


Eternity is in God’s timeline! Very much unlike our timeline. God’s timelines holds past, present, and future of ours in one moment of time. God exists beyond the handles of time! Eternity is not in the future, it’s now and forever more.

Think about this… There is a planet that has it’s day, longer than it’s year – Venus.

Think about this… If I was born in Pluto, I would be 2 months old today, and my next birthday would be Saturday March 11, 2226.

Don’t blow your BRAINS out… Eternity is not a time frame. It’s God’s timeline, and it already STARTED before you STARTED and would not end when you END. God is timeless!

When man however asks the question of eternity it’s about the after the life on earth. What we can classify as  – This side of eternity and the other side of eternity.

On this side of eternity, you can have eternal life or eternal death. We were all born to live forever in death, but Jesus changed it all for us, and we NEED to KNOW!

Paradigm shifts

The lamb of God was slain before the foundation of the world! Before Abraham was, I am! Abraham longed to see my day, and he did. These types of words shows clearly that Jesus sometime spoke in time frames that made people to consider him out of his mind. He was well in his mind, he just spoke from timelines we need to grasp.

  1. Eternal Life not a time line. Eternal life is a QUALITY of LIFE lived by those who intimately know God and Jesus Christ. It’s the result of an intimate relationship (knowing) with Christ. John 3:36. John 6:47, John 17:3
  2. Eternal life is not in the FUTURE, Eternal Life starts NOW!
  3. Eternal life is KNOWLEDGE based. This KNOWLEDGE is not academic awareness, it’s a personal experiential knowledge. This KNOWLEDGE is beyond what is professed in claiming Christ is LORD, it is strong enough to be the life goal that requires understanding all the details of Christ from birth till cross, till death, till resurrection. It is the result of a life giving knowledge of God. God is made known in Christ Jesus.
  4. ETERNAL LIFE is the life of CHRIST lived out through us. The LIFE is in the SON. 1 John 5:11-12
  5. Living with ETERNITY in view is living out CHRIST everyday. It is not fearfully living today as if we’ll die today, or like Jesus was coming today. It’s living like Christ would have lived, if he was living today.


I must seek to have and live eternal life now! Eternal life is an intimate relationship with Jesus that produces disciples. Until Abraham knew Sarah, they did not give birth to Isaac. Jesus wants our intimacy with him to birth disciples.

It is no longer I, but Christ that dwells in me. It is our privilege and duty to grant him expression.

What will Jesus do?

The LIFE of Christ was made visible to us. He Started by DISCIPLING a few men, walked with them and showed them how to serve and love others, Preached in their hearing, sent them out 2 by 2 to do the same. Prayed for them, and left them in the Charge of the Holy Spirit as He sent them forth. This must be the manifestation of ETERNAL LIFE


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