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The Truth About Giving

Key Passages: 2 cor 8, Matthew 6:1-2, Mark 4:14-25


Social media is agog with debates about giving. The purpose of our devotional today is not to help anyone win their arguments, we owe ourselves the responsibility of sharing the truth so that we all can operate in truth and love.

To start with, committing to give God 10 percent is a “joking stuff”. God demands our 100 percent, we were completely paid for, not just 10%. If we understand stewardship and believe that God owns us 100% then we will not keep 90% for ourselves and think we are giving God 10 percent. Don’t get your stewardship wrong, everything you have is from God, and for God. In reality, 100 percent is God’s money, and He may want me to channel 90 percent into His work and live on 10 percent. All we give for charitable causes are only acceptable to God, once we first give ourselves to God! The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord.

Those who belong to God, do not participate in arguments about giving to Him. Either 10% or No Percent! God’s ownership of us, and our stewardship necessitates that everything we have is only in our care to be used as God leads. Ours is not to rationalize percentages, God owns us, and everything we have and are, are at His disposal. Stewards don’t salivate at the thought of what does not belong to them, every tool and resource at their disposal comes with responsibility.

Paradigm Shift

– Giving in Church is not the only way to give to God’s cause. God does not reside in the offering basket
– Someone that is owned by God cannot give to God, he can only give to causes that God is involved in, in obedience to the real owner. Our real test of giving is obedience, not sacrifice. Obedience to God, not deliberate attempts to exploit you financially.
– You are meant to prayerfully discuss your giving budget with God, and be led by Him. It is only those who are led by the spirit of God that are the Son’s of God.
– Live the Christ life, it’s only those whose life’s are acceptable whose offerings are acceptable.
– God didn’t ask us to give so we can get in return. You cannot sow money and reap money. The Seed is the Word of God! Mark 4:14-20, Gal 6:7-9, God is not an ATM machine or Baba Ijebu. Mark 12:41-44
– Tithing is LAW, it’s a distraction from total commitment. There are scriptures on tithe that are never preached about. Deut 12: 17,18, Deut 14: 23-25. Tithe as shown in God’s law. Lev 27:30-33.
– Prophet Offering is Pagan culture and has no roots in Christianity or Christ Followers. Prophets offering has it’s origin in Balak and Balaam. Num 22: 1-7, 2 Pet 2:1-3, 12-19, Rev 2:14.
– Once the Pastor is gingering for fund raising, shut down! A true pastor will never exploit your emotions or pocket books. Matt 7:15-20
– Those who give to the rich will end up poor. Prov 22:16


– True and purposefully giving come when we have first give ourselves totally to God. Any other form of giving flows from there, knowing fully well that we own nothing, we are stewards of the resources God has placed at our disposal.
– When we give ourselves completely to God it makes it easy to give as much as God wants us to give to others who are in need.
– Giving needs to flow naturally from the heart not forced. We need to be able to give cheerfully and unreservedly.

What will Jesus Do?

Jesus volunteered to come, gave up his divinity and royalty, became human, subjected himself to a common life, subjected himself to death on a cross – a criminal death, all so that we may have life. He gave his all, and then some more. This is how we are meant to abandon ourselves into God’s cause. This must be our attitude towards discipleship. He deserves more than our all.

Commitments and Prayers

– God Help me to set my eyes on eternal things, and not material things.
– God accept me as one of your own, and help me to live in the fullness of the truth I now know.
– Help me to give myself to you 100% daily, and give my resources as you lead.


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