Our God given role is to build global leaders. This requires converting everyday people with regular challenges into leaders who save the world by leading others to Christ.

The Truth About Stewardship

Key Passage; Mt 25:14-31, 1Corinthian 4:7


One of the wealthiest men that lived in the 18th century was a man by name John Weseley. Not many people are aware of this side of the great reformer and discipler of men. In the true sense of it, his life is a reflection of what it means to be a steward in the light of the new testament.

John Wesley earned over 1M £ per annum when the average British citizen earned £20 per annum. He said the fact that he made so much money, did not in his opinion give him the right to spend it all on himself. Before his death, Wesley wrote; if you find more than £20 in my possession then I have lied. Upon his death, they found, outside the home he owned, Wesley total worth was £20. His testimony is an indictment on what we see today in the lifestyle of those who many look up to as the fathers of faith. A popular quote attributed to him goes thus; “A man is no fool who gives up what he can not keep to gain what he can not loose”. This was a man who understood that what he has is from God and for God. This story is stewardship simplified!

Affluence is an easy habit to adjust to, and indulgence is easy to rationalize. What we need today are radical Christians who will live for Christ and Christ only with everything they have got. The way to make this happen is to own nothing but be in charge of everything, this is how Jesus lived.

Paradigm Shift

Those who belong to God, do not participate in arguments about giving to Him. Either 10% or No Percent! God’s ownership of us, and our stewardship necessitates that everything we have is only in our care to be used as God leads. Ours is not to rationalize percentages, God owns us, and everything we have and are, are at his disposal. Stewards don’t salivate at the thought of what does not belong to them, every tool and resource at their disposal comes with responsibility.

We were bought with a price, both the servants and talents belong to the master. He is the owner of all things, and we are only his stewards. This stewardship means that all we have is owned by God, and we are only managers of it. Since we do not as much, own our own lives, how much more the things we think we own – they all belong to Christ. The bible has made it clear that there is nothing we have been given that we have not received 1Corinthian 4:7.

As a good stewards I must understand that my money, time, talents, gifts etc is not mine to use for the satisfaction of “SELF” but for the glory of the one who has given me this glorious life and task of discipling men.  Stewardship is our opportunity to participate with God in his divine redemptive movement of creating disciples. Our stewardship is an opportunity to manage talents – God’s most precious resource – souls, and multiply them. May I be found faithful when I am called upon to give account of my stewardship. Amen.


  1. Every day I must consciously ask the Holy Spirit what he would want me to engage in for that particular day.
  2. I must build my capacity, to help me deliver on my stewardship – Taking risks ,being innovative and adding value in every sphere of my influence.

What will Jesus Do?

Jesus would do nothing except by the express permission of the father, I must do the same in the deployment of every resources He has place in my care.

Jesus will own nothing but be in charge  of everything.

Commitments and Prayers

I will not take for granted any grace or gift I have received, like Paul (“Apostles to dogs”)- I will magnify my office. One talent is good enough.

I commit to always use every resource in my care to fulfill God’s agenda in this Timeline.

Dear Father, grant me grace to use every platform I have to make people realise they have been called to stewardship and would be called to account for it.


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