Our God given role is to build global leaders. This requires converting everyday people with regular challenges into leaders who save the world by leading others to Christ.

What Really is the Will of God?

Key Passage; Matthew 28 and John 4

Paradigm Shift

The Question of God’s will is something that has puzzled many generations. Our postulations have ranged from a spouse to specific things that God would have us do in particular.  Doing God’s will in the real sense of His WILL, is crucial to our eternity, we can’t be misguided about God’s will. In fact God’s word says in Eph 5:17 that not knowing God’s will is foolish. Think about it, what type of servant is puzzled about the will of His master? God’s will must be clear to us.

God’s will is clear in scriptures, it’s not the matter of discussion of one particular verse, it’s the theme that finds expression from Genesis to Revelation. God’s will is that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of truth. The channel for that coming to pass, is Christ, and from Genesis to Malachi, it was all about Christ coming to fulfill the requirement and sacrifice for the salvation of the entire world. Jesus was the seed of the woman who would crush the serpents head, Jesus was the seed of Abraham through whom Abraham will become a blessing to all, Jesus is visible in all the books of the Bible because he is the chief executive officer of God’s will. He modeled what it means to live God’s will, so that today to know God’s will is just to learn of Jesus and identify what he did, and what he still does.

Jesus would not eat because he was busy engaging a Samaritan woman with the good news and revealing himself (Christ) to her. Jesus rose from the dead and was around for 40 days, only to end with the biggest declaration ever made by any on earth – All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Jesus rose from the dead, became custodian of all power and delegated it to us for one clear purpose – Making Disciples of every nation. Jesus end declaration is similar to the first one he ever made to his disciples – follow me and I will make you fishers of men. God’s will is the discipleship of Nations. It is not the same as evangelism, it is not the same as the building of cathedrals, it is not deliverance, these may all be elements of it. Doing God’s will is living as Jesus lived, spending our lives to enrich the life of another eternally, who carries on to do the same.

Are you being discipled? Are you then disciplining others? You cannot give what you do not have! You can’t jump the class, and wish it into being. We have many people who are called Christians today, who were not first disciples. Remember it is disciples that were first called Christians in Antioch. The cost of discipleship is everything else, we must count the cost, and follow Jesus daily.Applications

  1. God’s will needs to be the clear reason for my business, my livelihood and family. Everything else must become a platform for discipleship. Doing God’s will must be like my necessary food.
  2. Discipleship involves – training everyone I meet in Christ’s way of life, and instructing them to obey all that Jesus commanded. We have all been commanded to have people we are training.
  3. Jesus’ power, Jesus’ abiding presence, Jesus’ authority and all answered prayers are at the disposal of the man or woman who steps out to do what Jesus commanded.


What will Jesus Do?

Jesus would spend time with God and prayerfully connect with the people he would disciple. I must continue to do the same.

Commitments and Prayers

I commit to be more conscious of the purpose behind my relationships. Does it have the eternity of the people I’m relating with in mind?

Dear Father, grant me grace to use every platform I have to connect with people and engage them more deeply than for their earthly well being. Help me to be filled afresh with power from on eye to be your effective witness. Amen!


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