Outreach Partners

Sometimes we organize special outreaches to reach out to others outside the faith. Sometimes we partner with organizations who have a track record of specialized outreach to specific people.

He that wins souls is wise. It’s a privilege to be an outreach partner through your giving.

Media Mountain Partners

These are people who join forces with us to take the message to our communities and to the ends of the earth.
Under Media mountain, we have Social Media, Print Media (Bulletins), Radio, Television.
Thank you for giving.

Young Stars Initiative

The Starz initiative is targeted at children from Secondary Schools to Young Adults through academic support focusing on weak subject areas, mentorship and recognition programs to encourage living out Christ’s values so they can impact society and be a light.

Market Women Initiative

This is a project born out of a desire to disciple nations. We watched the way Jesus did it, and we are replicating it. We saw that Jesus showed us 3 patterns, Help, Teach and Disciple.

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